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Version 2.5 : MAY 2014

Growing up with a pencil in my hand, no piece of paper was safe from a doodle or two.  If I wasn't drawing stuff for people, then I was working on a never-to-be-published cartoon strip involving a spastic monkey and a schitzophrenic turkey. High School graphic art classes pushed me to expand beyond cartoons and I developed a deeper appreciation for those that can not only tell a story with a picture, but envoke an emotion as well. College taught me there was more to art than black and white, but i was stubborn. I still prefer pencil to paint, but digital paint provides an easier translation.



Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication and an emphasis on Digital Design, I have been working outside the field - taking small projects on every now and then.  Sometimes for the practice, sometimes for the fun.  It has gone from a career option to a hobby, but the passion remains the same...

...even if I am just an old goat.


I enjoy graphic design,

cartooning, and a bit of 3d

modelling - but I'm not afraid

to jump into the code when


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